” Celebrating Life One Dessert At A Time”

Here at Pink Sugar Pastries, we don’t just make fancy cakes and desserts. We handcraft Art you can eat.  Everything is delicately created from scratch, with lots of love and quality ingredients. With each dessert we create lifelong memories, we celebrate special moments in peoples lives, but best of all, We Celebrate Life!

  Hello, I’m Mirtha and welcome to my sweet world. Being a pasty artist and food photographer was never my lifelong dream, but after creating sweet memories with my family it dawned on me that it truly was my passion.

My business is all about celebrations, big or small each one is different and special in its own way.   I see baking as a form of art, self-expression, and joy. I’m also a big fanatic of all things pretty, pink and hand-made. I’m well known for making cake dreams come true with my fresh creative flavors and inspiring chic style. You dream it, we bake here at Pink Sugar Pastries.

Pink Sugar Pastries is a place where you can find beautifully handcrafted cakes and elegantly photographed desserts. We pride ourselves in service and one-of-a-kind experiences are our mission. 

Thank you for visiting the Pink Sugar Pastries Blog! We hope you enjoy our website as much as we enjoy creating all of our delightful edible art. Enjoy! 



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A Sweet Audio Explosion with Mirtha & Rachelle. This is a bilingual podcast all about baking, business, and wonderful success stories of people in the baking community.  

The Pink Sugar Podcast is all about empowering, motivating, and inspiring humanity with the power of storytelling. In this podcast, I introduce you to some of the most wonderful people I admire and applaud for taking risks and following their dreams.